News: Sweat Shop Berlin 2019, Sunday 28th of April 4-10pm 

27/ 28 April  Schau Fenster Berlin Lohbeckstraße 30- 35, 1099 Berlin, Sale will start on April 27, 9:00 a.m.

The basic idea of SWEAT SHOP is to extrapolate the mutuality of art and money, while commenting on the means of capitalist production in a globalized world, and reflecting on the artistic traditions in the means and ends of production in the eastern and the western philosophy.
For two days during the Gallery Weekend in Berlin, a group of 16 contemporary artists of different stylistic backgrounds and origins will work in in Berlin-Kreuzberg’s free art space SCHAU FENSTER under “sweat shop conditions”. During their five hour shift, all an artist is given is a chair, a table, and their chosen working equipment. Each one of them inhabiting the space of round about 4 x 4 meters.


Frühlingserwachen 2019 Gips, Ausstellungsansicht Looking for Dick im Schau Fenster Berlin

In Between 2018 Gips 

ELAN VITAL 2018 Keramik im Toni- Merz- Museum

Die zweite Säule 2018 und Under Construction 2016 Epoxidharz

Madame Collage 2017 Keramik

Janusfee 2015 Epoxidharz, Sammlung Dr Rainer Beck, Weingut Dreiherren

Welle 2018 Gips

Ecstasie Teresa 2018 Installation Acrystall 

Rosa Fee, Wonder Woman 2018 Gips, Acrystall 

Miriam in LaLaLand 2017 Installation Papier, Fotos : Tim Rush

Squishy 2017 Installation Epoxidharz, Foto: Saverio Tonoli Adamo 

Göttin 2015 Epoxidharz

Doppelgitarre 2014 Bronze, Foto: Marjorie Brunet Plaza

Hain 2013 Keramik

Oktopussy 2013 Keramik

Molch 2011 Bronze, Obere Vorstadt in Albstadt- Ebingen

Strauss 2011 Bronze, Obere Vorstadt in Albstadt- Ebingen

Le Mepris 2007 Epoxidharz 

Cumulus 2007 Epoxidharz 

Yolanda 2006 Bronze, Investitionsbank Berlin, Yolanda 2017 Epoixidharz, Ludwigshafen