Exhibition Personal Structures, European Cultural Center Italy in the Giardini della Marinaressa in Venice

April 20 to November 24, 2024 Vaporetto stop: : giardini
Alexander Polzin, DEU; Asmer Sultanova Topçu, TUR; Beate Schroedl-Baurmeister, DEU; Cj Hendry, USA;Coral Contemporary Gallery, USA; Edwin Hamilton, USA; Emily Young, ITA; Gottfried Kumpf, AUT; Jaroslav Róna, CZE; Jeremy Chen, USA; John Ruppert, USA; Kostis Georgiou, GRC; Lauren Baker, GBR; Miriam Lenk, DEU; Monument, AUS; Naja Utzon Popov, DNK; Olga Lomaka, GBR; Paresh Maity, IND; Pavel Miguel, DEU; Sonja VishnudArt, CHE/BEL; Stan Bitters, USA; Studio Micky Hoogendijk, NLD; Tilmann Krumrey, DEU; Tone Fink, AUT; Yoko Ono USA

The Janus fairy is a fertility goddess in the sense of the Indian goddess Kali, who not only stands for fertility, but also for whirlwinds and natural disasters.
She manifests herself from a polytheistically animated nature that describes an allness that connects everything with everything
One side is friendly and calm, the other angry and agitated. Janus was the Roman god of beginnings and endings. The so-called Janus head is therefore a symbol of ambivalence: something has a Janus head: something is ambivalent. Of course, this can also be applied to the human psyche.
At the center of Miriam Lenk's work is a female archetype, tall and powerful, liberated from all discipline, figurehead of a pantheistic, sensual counterculture after the battle of the sexes: post-patriarchal and post-feminist. She strengthens the female body image and encourages women to accept themselves.

sculpture square art karlsruhe with big white figures
Sculpture place at Galerie Cyprian Brenner at Art Karlsruhe 2023
article at monopol about art karlsruhe with dee sculpture newt, a 2meter high white newt, visitors and ornamental columns in the background

Fragile force 2023 320x 120x 100cm
Photo credit : by courtesy of DEED.NEWS
Exhibition view with works by Mona Broschár, Judith Grassl and Miriam Lenk
Exterior view of the gallery with sculptures by Herbert Mehler and Miriam Lenk
miriamlenk sits sideways on a chair in her berlin studio.with a plaster axe in her the background female figures, pallets and working material
Photo: Assabbi
Cover picture of the Curator interview with the torso of the Janus Fairy, a blue-grey patinated abstract female figure surrounded by ornaments and smaller figures instead of hair.
curator interview with Semra Sevin
From The Godess To ELAN VITAL- a film from Sam Auster, Music by Paulo Olarte Toro
Arte- Journal- Contribution by Cathrin Häfele to the exhibition Wiedererwachen Berlin