miriam lenk studio general view with sculptures janus fairy, goddess, the second column bronce, epoxy resin, ceramics
Studio Miriam Lenk
Fragile force 2023 point of view(s) in the Kommunale Galerie Berlin in Schloss Biesdorf
a voluptuous female figure with wings stands on two thin-walled cylinder halves.she is surrounded by smaller female figures and mixed creatures and ornaments.the sculpture is made of acrystal and is approx. 220cm high.
Evolving Godess 2021 Acrystal Exhibition Beyond Belief at Haus Kunst Mitte Berlin
Inception2021 come back Gallery Imke Valentien Stuttgart
miriamlenk installation in a wooden shelf with ceramics and plants.the ceramics are mixed creatures of woman, fish and plant.240x 150x 75cm 2021
Corona Spring 2021 installation wood, ceramics, plants
miriamlenk octomama octopus woman made of ceramics, sitting with raised tentacles.35x60x60cm2021
Octomama 2021 ceramic lusus naturae at BCMA Berlin
miriamlenk wildly proliferating plants form a 270 cm high column with a wider base and crown
The Second Column 2018 epoxy resin disturbance witch in the Center for Contemporary Art in the Citadel Berlin- Spandau 2021
ceramics from many single figures female bodies and mixed creatures of woman, fish, plant and bird
ELAN VITAL 2018 Ceramics ELAN VITAL Toni- Merz- Museum Sasbach
miriamlenk ecstasie teresa installation of figure fragments made of acrystal and epoxy resin, loosely stacked to a mountain ca 300x 240x 100cm 2017
Ecstasie Teresa 2017 Installation Acrystal Photo: Saverio Tonoli
miriamlenk goddess 2020 at the exhibition Reawakening at the Station abstracted female body grows out of a pedestal of ornamental plants and mixed creatures.her upstretched arms become a kind of treetop in which small female figures cavort. A polytheistic temple of femininity.epoxy resin, blue patinated.170x 82x 82cm
Goddess 2015 Epoxy Resin Exhibition Reawakening Station Berlin 2020
miriamlenk janusfee 2015.  an abstracted, Janus-headed torso of a voluptuous woman in the middle of wildly proliferating ornaments, plants and mixed creatures of woman, plant and animal. epoxy resin blue-grey patinated 1/5 at the winery dreiherren collection Rainer Beck. R
Janus Fairy 2015 Epoxy Resin Winery Dreiherren Radebeul Collection Rainer Beck
bronze sculpture painted pink. An abstracted standing woman. her belly has teeth, there is a skull on her knee, she wears biker boots. she stands there with her lips wide open and her arms stretched upwards, tapering into the necks of guitars, ready to jump or triumphant.
Double Guitar 2014 Bronze Lacquered
Mixed creature of a voluptuous woman and octopus with wings. Ceramic glazed in skin color and blue-gray
Octopussy 2013 Ceramics
Newt 2011 bronce, Obere Vorstadt in Albstadt
Ostrich 2011 bronce, Obere Vorstadt in Albstadt
miriam lenk lemepris
Le Mepris 2007 Epoxy resin
A woman with a huge belly and small limbs and a delicate Madonna-like head. She sits broad-legged on the floor, the posture challenging, the face friendly and pensive. Delicate pink patina with light red hair
Cumulus 2007 Epoxy Resin
large standing voluptuous woman sculpture made of epoxy resin in the Uferanlagen Ludwigshafen by miriamlenk2016
Yolanda 2016 Epoxy resin in Ludwigshafen Photo: pixabay photosforyou
large standing luscious bronze woman sculpture in front of the investitionsbank berlin
Yolanda 2006 Bronze Investitionsbank Berlin, Photo: Achim Raschka