Exhibition Personal Structures, European Cultural Center Italy in the Giardini della Marinaressa in Venice

April 20 to November 24, 2024 Vaporetto stop: : giardini

Alexander Polzin, DEU; Asmer Sultanova Topçu, TUR; Beate Schroedl-Baurmeister, DEU; Cj Hendry, USA;
Coral Contemporary Gallery, USA; Edwin Hamilton, USA; Emily Young, ITA; Gottfried Kumpf, AUT;
Jaroslav Róna, CZE; Jeremy Chen, USA; John Ruppert, USA; Kostis Georgiou, GRC; Lauren Baker, GBR;
Miriam Lenk, DEU; Monument, AUS; Naja Utzon Popov, DNK; Olga Lomaka, GBR; Paresh Maity, IND;
Pavel Miguel, DEU; Sonja VishnudArt, CHE/BEL; Stan Bitters, USA; Studio Micky Hoogendijk, NLD;
Tilmann Krumrey, DEU; Tone Fink, AUT; Yoko Ono USA
sculpture square art karlsruhe with big white figures
Sculpture place at Galerie Cyprian Brenner at Art Karlsruhe 2023
article at monopol about art karlsruhe with dee sculpture newt, a 2meter high white newt, visitors and ornamental columns in the background

Finissage point of view(s)- view and direction

in the municipal gallery Schloss Biesdorf, Berlin

on Friday, June 9 from 18.00 h

Works by Clemens Behr, Yvon Chabrowski, Margret Eicher, Andreas Fasbender, Jürgen Gerhard,Thomas Heidolph, Isabel Kerkermeier,

Mischa Leinkauf, Miriam Lenk, Michael H. Rohde, Bodo Rott, Hansjörg Schneider, Julia Ziegler and Rolf Xago Schröder 

The exhibition "Point of view(s) - View and Direction" shows diverse views in eleven contemporary artistic positions,

points of view, perspectives, and lines of vision - both in aesthetic as well as in socio-political respects.

Curated by Katia Hermann and Karin Scheel

Fragile force 2023 320x 120x 100cm


Photo credit : by courtesy of DEED.NEWS

In "Meerschaum-Gewoge" the gallery was transformed into a mixture of coral reef and baroque cave. The front wall of the room

was dominated by an altar-like installation and from the ceiling Octopussy floated above the table. There it continued to sway

in the form of baroque plates and goblets, ceramics by the artist, which seemed to have broken free from her sculptures.


Gallery Cyprian Brenner, Auweg 6, 73460 Niederalfingen 27 March- 22 May

The exhibition BITTERSWEET shows works by the artists Mona Broschár, Judith Grassl and Miriam Lenk.
The exhibition focuses on their artistic exploration of themes such as femininity, corporeality, desire,
but also with transience.
Exhibition view with works by Mona Broschár, Judith Grassl and Miriam Lenk
Exterior view of the gallery with sculptures by Herbert Mehler and Miriam Lenk


miriamlenk sits sideways on a chair in her berlin studio.with a plaster axe in her the background female figures, pallets and working material
Photo: Assabbi

Cover picture of the Curator interview with the torso of the Janus Fairy, a blue-grey patinated abstract female figure surrounded by ornaments and smaller figures instead of hair.
curator interview with Semra Sevin

http://Curator- Interview

From The Godess To ELAN VITAL- a film from Sam Auster, Music by Paulo Olarte Toro
Arte- Journal- Contribution by Cathrin Häfele to the exhibition Wiedererwachen Berlin


1975 Born in Constance

1994 Abitur, Monastery School of the Holy Sepulchre, Baden-Baden

1994-1997 Apprenticeship as goldsmith, technical school for glass and jewellery, Kaufbeuren

1998-2000 Studies of Literature and Media Sciences, University of Konstanz

2001- 2007 Study of Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts Dresden

2004 Erasmus Scholarship Art in Public Space, University of Barcelona

2007 Diploma University of Fine Arts Dresden

2007-2009 master student with Prof. Kerbach, University of Fine Arts Dresden

lives and works in Berlin and Bodman


Solo exhibitions:

2023 sculpture square art karlsruhe, gallery Cyprian Brenner

2022 Meerschaum- Gewoge by Zagreus- Project Berlin

2018 Elan Vital at the Toni Merz Museum Sassbach



Group exhibitions:


point of view(s) view and direction Kommunale Galerie Berlin in Schloß Biesdorf

Turn of the times Contemporary Showroom Berlin


200 under 2000 Contemporary Showroom Berlin

Overview#4 Contemporary Showroom Berlin

Evolving Eden in the art association Hoher Fläming Bad Belzig

& other Groupshow Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Adalbertstraße 28, 26382 Wilhelmshaven curated by Maik Schierloh

Evolving Eden Kunstverein Hoher Fläming , Bad Belzig, curated by Britta Adler and Halina Hildebrand


100 under 1000 Schindler Lab, Bäckerstraße 3, 14467 Potsdam curated by Vanessa Souli 2022 

Beyond Belief Haus Kunst Mitte, Heidestraße 54, 10557 Berlin

Arte Noah at the Kunsthalle Feldbach Arte Noah Kunsthalle Feldbach

COME BACK at Galerie Valentien Stuttgart curated by Hergen Wöbken galerie-valentien/come-back.html

Lusus Naturae BCMA Gallery Berlin curated by Vanessa Souli


Reawakening STATION BERLIN curated by artistcurator Semra Sevin

Pit Stop Gallery KWADRAT Berlin

disturbance witch Centre for Contemporary Art, Zitadelle Spandau, curated by Alba D'Urbano and Olga Vostretsova

Art Noon by Miriam Lenk theloversandleaders space Berlin


50/50 the matter of duality Fleischmann-Haus Berlin

Benefit Art Auction of Terre des Femmes Berlin Gallery terre de femmes art auction

Chimera Art Quarter Bethanien Berlin

+ 1 @safe gallery Les Valseuses Berlin

Rencontres, Looking for Dick and Sweat Shop Berlin Show Window Berlin


Wonder Woman Art B!tch Bar Babette, Berlin 

ALL'IDEA DI QUEL METALLO Association of German Guarantee Banks, Berlin

Ecstasies Teresa Alte Münze, Berlin

Bitch MATERial Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin               

WOMEN CAN PAINT TOO! Gallery Holger John, Dresden


Squishy: eels swim in snakey Juliusstrasse Berlin curated by Angels Miralda Tena squishy


Under Construction Showcase Berlin

My Myself and I Gallery 68projects Berlin 


berlinlujinberlin Aici Acolo Pop Up Gallery Cluj Romania

Proud Collector The Grand Berlin

Your Identity Card Operative-technical sector in the former Stasi Berlin


Drive the Change 100plus Zurich 

Nordart 2014 Artwork Carlshütte


EXSTASI Operative-technical sector of the former Stasi Berlin

Party Arty Stipendiati with Jan Kage, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin


Fit for Benefitting me Wilhelm- Fraenger- Haus, Potsdam

2007 Quiao Museum of Guangzhou University, China

2003 Adonis von Zschernitz Exhibition by Yolanda Museum für Vorgeschichte Dresden


Work in public space:

2017 Miriam in LaLaLand Pop- Up Installation at Eastside international Los Angeles  

2016 Yolanda's Crossing Aquarama, Ludwigshafen

2015 Janusfee Winery Drei Herren, Weinbergstraße 34 01445 Radebeul Collection Prof. Dr Rainer Beck   

2011 Pig and Ostrich Obere Vorstadt, Albstadt

2009 Land of Cockaigne Elztalmuseum Waldkirch

2008 Yolanda, Investitionsbank Berlin IBB Bundesallee 210 Berlin